Shutdown idles more than 100 Topeka federal workers

Local News

160 employees at the U.S. Coast Guard’s Pay and Personnel Center in Topeka are not working and not getting paid as of Thursday as the partial government shutdown enters its 13th day.

Fred Bettencourt retired from the Coast Guard last year. Since the government is shut down his retirement checks have been cut and many others who work at the center are going without pay.

“A lot of people are expressing their concerns. Dual active duty families where both the husband and wife are both on active duty so they are not getting paid on either side. Retirees that are older and are truly retired who don’t work at all are really dependent on that check,” said Bettencourt.

The U.S. Coast Guard says the employees will likely get back pay once the government reopens, but Fred said it’s a tough time of the year to be without pay.

National parks including the Brown v. Board of Education Historic Site at 15th and Monroe Street in Topeka are also closed, impacting those workers.

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