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Silver Lake shop helps breast cancer patients look good and feel better

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) - .A  breast cancer diagnosis is tough in many ways, but there's big help out there for people who get the bad news.

Shannon Bergmann from Silver Lake heard her diagnosis in 2016, when she was just 37 years old.
"It was just all very overwhelming and shocking that I had breast cancer and was going to have to deal with everything that went with that. I started chemotherapy shortly after i was diagnosed. And I did that for 18 weeks. Then I had a mastectomy, and a couple of months later after I finished chemo. The end of October, 2 years ago is when i finished chemotherapy," relays Shannon Bergmann, a breast cancer survivor from Silver Lake.
In addition to her mastectomy, Shannon lost her hair early on. She wanted to feel more like herself. 
"It is difficult because you just feel like this isn't my body," says Bergmann.  
Natural Fit in Silver Lake, KS, is helping women like Shannon find wigs, prosthetics, and surgical garments, while going thorough treatment.
Kelly Osterhaus, the owner of Natural Fit says, "they can build back their confidence by getting their breast and hair back, and feel like they're complete again. It's really good to see people walk out of here with the biggest smiles on their face, knowing that they've conquered cancer and have been able to get through the roughest part of things." 
"I try to remind myself that I have a larger piece of my life to focus on, and just to be able to feel comfortable and more natural with what you have on, and what you look like, makes it a lot better," says Bergmann. 
Osterhaus says many insurance plans and Medicare will cover most, if not all, of the cost for these post treatment products.
Shannon has been cancer free for 2 years and is looking good and feeling even better.\More information from the American Cancer Society.



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