TOPEKA (KSNT) — People in the Capital City know the place to go when it snows is Quinton Heights.

People from around the community come out to the biggest hill in Topeka to catch some speed going down the hill in their sleds. That includes Mark Steiner.

“My son, my other sons, and nephews and nieces used to come here a lot when they were kids,” he said.

Now, Mark’s son is bringing his daughter here and is watching as his son and his granddaughter race down the hill together. Even though his granddaughter, Alivya, is a little scared of how fast you can go.

“I don’t think she really wanted to go on the sled though once she saw how fast the sled was moving,” he said. “She got a little intimidated!”

Alivya said that her favorite winter activity is making snow angels, so she is looking forward to going home so she can make as many as she can with her father.

She laughed and told KSNT, “I was grabbed by my dad and forced to go on the sled.”

But for the snow day, she joined hundreds of other people who stopped by Quinton Heights Saturday.