Social media linked to depression

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TOPEKA (KSNT) – New research is showing a significant connection between social media and unhappiness. The study finds that Facebook use is linked to serious depression, and even anxiety.

“They’ll really have no idea what’s going on behind their four walls. But they’ll assume that ‘wow their life looks great,’ and it makes them feel less that,” says Counselor Angela McClain.

Social media is on our computers, tablets, and cell phones. This means that everywhere you go, social media goes too, often along with the feelings of not being good enough – by filtered standards.

A simple scroll down your newsfeed can turn into a comparison about likes, followers, and online popularity.

That’s not all.

“When I hear people talk about ‘this person has unfriended me’, and the amount of impact that it has on their self-esteem…it’s almost obsessive,” says McClain.

McClain says this is especially a problem if you have an “addictive” personality. Her suggestion is to disconnect now and then, and get some real-world, not online, perspective.

Feelings of depression and and discontent is something she sees often; even in adults.

“They reconnect with old classmates and they see that ‘wow, that was the one that got away, and that could be my life. The life that I have is so horrible.’ And they’re leaving their spouses for that,” says McClain.

Another study by Boston University shows a link between social media use and a decrease in marriage quality. There are also claims that Facebook is to blame for one in three divorces.

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