State report finds Kansas student targeted, banned from bus for saying she’s lesbian

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AMERICUS (KSNT) – A principal and bus driver in Lyon County are in hot water after an investigation revealed they sexually harassed a lesbian student.

KSNT News first reported about Izzy Dieker being kicked off the bus for saying she was a lesbian. Her dad, Daniel Dieker, said the superintendent for USD 251 didn’t respond until Daniel reached out to a reporter.

“That was when I contacted the news and they reached out right away, and that kind of got the school going and he reached out and offered me to do a formal complaint,” Daniel said.

Now the state is recommending discipline for the driver, Kristi Gadino, and the school’s principal, Corey Wiltz, for sexual harassment. The district would not respond to KSNT News about the case or tell us if there was any disciplinary action at all. Gadino, the driver, claimed Izzy said a curse word and that’s what caused her to turn around, but the video showed that wasn’t the case.

Instead, it was other students on the bus who were cursing, and the bus driver only corrected Izzy for saying the word “lesbian.”

The principal Wiltz kicked Izzy off the bus for a week for using bad language. The investigation said the incident was handled poorly, and what happened to Izzy was harassment. It recommends training for all staff in the district and discipline for both Gadino and Wiltz.

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