State says not every applicant will get unemployment, leaves hair stylist frustrated

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TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – The Kansas Department of Labor said unemployment money went out this week, but some people are saying they didn’t get what they were promised.

Jennifer Falley is self-employed and is the owner at Envy Salon.

She said she’s done everything the department of labor’s website has said to do, but still hasn’t gotten any money and wants to know why.

According to the Kansas Department of Labor, people who applied for the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Program should have gotten their money this week.

“Individuals who have direct deposit will be receiving their money either yesterday or today, Friday. If an individual opted to choose a debit card, that will take longer,” Secretary Delia Garcia said.

But Jennifer Falley says she applied as soon as the application opened on May 12th, but the system says her application is under review and she doesn’t know why.

“As far as I know we did everything right. But if we did something wrong, we have no way of knowing,” Falley said. “There’s been no communication, It’s a disappointing failure of not at least saying you’re missing this, we need this documentation.”

The Department of Labor said there are a number of reasons this could be.

For example, they say she might have answered a question that flagged her claim and just because you apply does not mean you automatically get the money.

They says people must meet all of the requirements on the website.

Secretary Garcia says the entire process has been a learning curve but is proud of how many Kansans they’ve been able to help.

“Important to make sure that we are serving our hard working Kansans who need to pay their bills and feed their families and we’re doing everything we can here at the Kansas Department of Labor to do that and make sure our claimants get their money,” Secretary Garcia said.

Which has Falley frustrated because she believes she should be in that group.

“We all have bills accruing, rent accruing, health insurance premiums accruing. We can’t pay our bills. we can’t feed our kids, we can’t buy our medicines. It’s really, really disappointing,” Falley said.

Secretary Garcia said the state paid $107 million in payoffs on Tuesday and if you have problems to read the information they have on their website and social media.

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