Storm causes widespread power outage, damage in Linn

Local News

LINN, Kan. (KSNT) – People in Linn were left to clean up after a storm hit the area Wednesday morning, causing widespread power outages and damage.

Like many people in town, Steven Meier got to work cleaning up the damage.

Winds got up to almost 100 miles per hour, ripping the doors and roof off the building he works at.

“It’ll probably be a week or so before we get the roof back on and then we’ll have a contractor come in and put the inside back together,” said Meier.

There was so much debris that officials decided to close off entrances to the city until they could get enough of it cleaned up.

“Most of the streets here in Linn were completely blocked by some kind of debris, either trees or power lines, a combination of both,” said Washington County Emergency Manager Randy Hubbard. “That’s been the biggest priority today.”

Jeff Wurtz has lived in Linn his whole life and said he’s never experienced a storm quite like this one.

“When the storm came, oh man, it sounded like nothing I’ve ever heard before,” said Wurtz. “It was very intense and it didn’t stop. It just absolutely did not stop for a long time.”

Officials said this time the damage was much more widespread than when an EF-0 tornado hit the town less than two months ago.

People in town wasted little time picking up and rebuilding.

“The community pulls together so well and we were able to get things cleaned up as best as we could in less than 12 hours time,” said Wurtz. “It’s great to live in a community like Linn where can get together and do things like this.”

Hubbard said no one was hurt in the storm. They anticipate it will take a couple of days to clean up all of the damage.

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