Stormont Vail Events Center looking to bring in more concerts

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TOPEKA (KSNT) – After $48 million of renovations, Stormont Vail Events Center officials want to bring more concerts to the Capital City.

“We do a lot of sporting events. We do a lot of community service events, we do a lot of youth sports events, power sports events, flat floor shows, exhibition shows, trade shows, spectacle shows, and family shows, but what was really kind of lacking in that mix was the concert diversification,” said Kellen Seitz, general manager for the Stormont Vail Events Center with Spectra Venue Management.

Seitz said the Hank Williams Jr. concert was a success. Not all the seats were full, but he was pleased with the first big event since the pandemic started. He said more concerts will be announced soon.

“As we move into 2022, that’s a big focus of ours, not just the amount of events and the sheer different types of events, but really putting focus on concert content. It’s a big player coming out of the pandemic and it’s certainly a segment that’s been left behind in our marketplace for a while,” Seitz said.

They’re hoping to develop a bigger music scene in Topeka. Country Stampede, local city concerts, Evergy Plaza events and music at the Topeka Performing Arts Center are helping the cause.

Country and rock music are normally big draws for the events center, but they’re also looking at contemporary Christian, and adding pop and hip-hop artists to attract a younger audience.

They believe the event center’s improvements will attract more bands to make a stop in Topeka.

“When you look at how it’s come to fruition after the renovation, we’ve got some real excitement on our hands. We’ve got some really engaged artist management groups and agencies that we’re working with, and I think when we produce content like Hank Jr., and we’re successful at that, that gives us more opportunities to compound that and get additional content in the future,” Seitz said.

Officials said the peak times for concerts at the events center will be from late September to May. Rock singer Alice Cooper will be at the events center in October.

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