Stormont Vail plans to add metal detector, more security guards to ER

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TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – A local hospital is making changes to make their emergency room safer.

Stormont Vail Health is adding a metal detector and more security guards to its emergency room. The metal detector will go right in from of the revolving door, near the desk already allocated for a security guard.

Stormont Vail Health Project Manager Anita Fry said they came up with the idea after getting feedback from their employees. Staff asked for extra security, and those in charge agreed.

“I think in today’s society you have to be more cautious,” Fry said. “So we’re just taking those cautions, doing them as a preventative measure, to make sure that we know what’s coming into our building, that the people who are here, our staffs, our visitors, our patients are safe.”

Fry said they see their Emergency Room as their front door to the community. That’s why they are specifically focusing on beefing up security there.

They’ve already added to their security guard staff and the metal detector should be up by the end of this year.

Stormont Vail representatives were not able to tell KSNT News how much the security changes will cost.

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