TOPEKA (KSNT) – It’s a trend that’s been making national headlines and it’s terrorizing schools right here in northeast Kansas. Now a group of students at Washburn Rural High School are banding together to correct their fellow peers mistakes.

The fad is called ‘devious licks’. Videos on the app TikTok show students destroying their schools bathrooms.

Brenda Boeckman and Mike Ard make sure Washburn Rural High School is in tip top shape for the 2,000 students that walk the halls. Earlier this month the disturbing trend challenging students to destroy school bathrooms ravaged this community.

“Vandalizing our bathrooms, ripping off soap dispensers, paper towel holders,” Boeckman said.

A group of physical education students and the Sources of Strength organization at school got together to pool over $700 to distribute to custodial staff, surprising them with cash, gifts and snacks. It was so moving it made Boeckman cry.

These students say they deserve it – trend or not. 

“They’re always smiling, saying hello to everyone, talking throughout the halls, they just really deserve it,” Allie Schooler, a senior, said.

A little recognition can go a long way. Cards and posters now line the wall outside the custodial office.

“It was heartwarming it felt really great that they recognized us like that,” Ard said.

“We just try to make a more positive difference in the school community,” Aidan Hixson, a junior, said.