MANHATTAN (KSNT) – A new study conducted by Kansas State University shows hundreds of classrooms are without teachers in Kansas.

The study says as the school year begins this fall, more than 1,000 teacher positions remain unfilled or taken by underqualified applicants.

Although some districts in Kansas are seeing a decreased amount of teachers in the classroom, the study concluded the state fares better than other regions. States including Mississippi, Alabama and North Carolina have thousands of open jobs.

Leaders with Topeka 501 district say while they have enough teachers, they are teaching larger classes. Beryl New, Ed.D, says some classrooms have up to 30 students for a single teacher. New says strategies like these accommodate the needs of the classrooms, in order to keep them staffed.

“Kansas is in the heart of the county, typically what affects them will flow into us,” New said. “From all directions, it’s just being careful and being watchful, and seeing what the trends appear to be.”

The district also blames shortages on fewer and fewer education graduates each year.