With grandparents in Ottawa and Manhattan, Samm Murphy grew up spending most summers in northeast Kansas. It was these visits that influenced her decision to be a success strategist life coach.

“That did spawn and lead into (things),” Murphy said. “Throughout my life there’s been things that I have dealt with and overcome. There’s been struggles that I’ve had, (including) what it’s like to deal with divorced parents and what you overcome.”

Murphy now lives in California and works as a life success strategist coach. She’s helped dozens of people reach their full potential, and said the first thing everyone has to address is their personal fears.

“Fear is something upon reflection of my journey,” Murphy said. “I thought I have to do something different. I started looking back and realized a lot of my life had been fear based.  I wasn’t operating out of what I wanted and desired, but (rather) fear of failing or fear of what people would think. And it really kept me stuck, and paralyzed almost, to really go for things.” 

Not facing your fears and pursuing your goals can lead to depression and anxiety, according to her. 

“If we squash that down or think, ‘we’ll do that when the kids are grown or next week or when we have enough money’, you can really start to feel stuck and overwhelmed,” Murphy said. “(You) just have a general sense of dissatisfaction across the board and it really isn’t dealt with. I had experience in my own life. If you ignore what you want, you can start to feel depressed.”

As a success strategist life coach, Murphy helps people acknowledge their fears and explore what they really want out of life. 

“Take the time to say what do I want and what really matters to me?  Where am I going? And also why do i want that? Why is it important?” Murphy said. “If we can have a clear vision of where we are going and also the definition of why it’s important to us. It motivates, and propel us in those times when it gets tough and an obstacle arises.” 

To hear more life success advice from Samm Murphy, visit her website: http://www.sammmurphy.com/