TOPEKA (KSNT) – Taking care of your plants when the weather switches from cool to hot in one day may require a different strategy.

It may seem counterintuitive but overwatering your plants can be detrimental.

“When we start heading into the heat we have to start pulling in the shade cloths over the plants that can’t tolerate as much sun. So some of the shrubs we’ll pull a black netting over – some of our perennial work, we’ll do the same thing,” Annette Jackson of Jackson’s Greenhouse & Garden Center said.

Jackson said the dramatic switch from cooler weather to extreme heat can be upsetting for growing but your plants will continue to grow no matter what. If you can provide some shade to protect the plants from the direct rays of the sun that can help.

The experts warn growers that beginners tend to overwater, which ultimately can harm them.

The 27 News weather team said high temperatures Wednesday will be almost as hot as the rest of the week has been so far, topping out in the lower 90s. The hotter weather will last through Thursday, but another cold front moves our way for the weekend. Highs by Sunday should be back into the upper 70s and low 80s.