Sumatran tiger leaving Topeka Zoo

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TOPEKA (KANSAS) – The Topeka Zoo is saying farewell to Jingga, a female Sumatran Tiger next week.

Jingga is leaving per Species Survival Plan recommendations to pair with a male tiger at another zoo.

She was born at the Sacramento Zoo on March 18, 2010, and arrived at the Topeka Zoo in June of 2012.

In Topeka, she was a mother of two sets of cubs and was beloved by zookeepers.

(KSNT / Photo by Ken Doll)

“Please don’t tell the other animals but Jingga is my favorite. She is so fun to work with,” said Shanna Simpson, animal curator. “She is always excited to see her keepers, she is smart and inquisitive. She has always trusted us, allowing us to weigh her one-day-old cubs.”

Sumatran Tigers are listed as critically endangered. There are believed to be less than 500 individuals in the wild. Main threats to the species include poaching, prey depletion, tiger-human conflict, and disease.

Jingga is leaving The Topeka Zoo Tuesday and her new home zoo will announce her arrival once a standard quarantine is complete. Members of the community wishing to say their goodbyes can visit her through Monday.

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