MANHATTAN (KSNT) – If you’re someone who gets jealous easily, you may want to look away.

Curt Herrman’s basement is dubbed the “Chiefseum”, and for good reason.

Spanning 5 decades worth of memorabilia, his collection is a sight to behold. When he set the world record for the largest collection of Kansas City Chiefs related memorabilia last year, he had 642 unique pieces. Now, over a year later, he’s at 924.

“I’m kind of a historian anyway, and a history buff as it is but I think a lot of people will forget things that happen over time,” Herrman said. “Somebody called me a Chiefs historian recently, I’m probably one of many but I think I know quite a bit about the Chiefs.” 

Curt began his collection after receiving a Chiefs football celebrating their 1970 super bowl win. He focuses on the vintage Chiefs items mostly, but has made a couple of exceptions.

“Patrick is now near and dear to my heart, and I know he’s going to be here at least another 8 years. I have some Travis Kelce things now, and once we won the Super Bowl I picked up some things now with current players,” Herrman said.

His current collection has some killer pieces, including signed cards by former players and coaches, a touchdown pilon signed by Dante Hall and a Christmas card signed by members that would go on to create the super bowl.

Being a fan for 50 years has taken a toll on the collector.

“It’s been a lifetime of heartbreak,” Herrman said. “We’ve had lots of great teams in Kansas City, lots of great Chiefs teams and we could never win that big game. Even my son had talked about that quite a bit over time and I was like well I hope in my lifetime I’ll get to see them win another Super Bowl. When they won it a couple years ago, I cried.”

For having the largest collection of memorabilia, he’s a pretty humble guy. Curt doesn’t believe in the title of biggest chiefs fan, saying on the topic, “Chiefs Kingdom is full of big Chiefs fans, I’m just one of many.”