EMPORIA (KSNT) – A university in Kansas is honoring the bravery and hard work of educators everywhere.

Teachers from all over the country are at Emporia State University for the week. Classes of 2020 and 2022 will be inducted into the National Teachers Hall of Fame tomorrow. The event will also recognize teachers who lost their lives in the Uvalde shooting. Their names will be added to the Fallen Educators’ Memorial. It’s a blend of celebration for inductees, but it’s also a time to remember those who lost their lives doing what they love most – teaching.

As the ten-year anniversary of the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting approaches and just weeks after the shooting rampage in Uvalde, teachers across the country are quitting their jobs. A combination of low salaries, burnout, and fear of what’s happening in American schools are driving them out the door.

The former Sandy Hook administrator wants everyone to not forget those who lost their lives while teachers both past and present want to communicate how important educators are in the lives of children.

“It’s such an incredibly important piece of recovery that I’m not sure people understand because, for the families, it’s a permanent remembrance of their family member,” said Dr. Anthony Salvatore, President of the Connecticut Federation of School Administrators.

“What can we do as exemplary role models — we manage to stay at least 20 years, some of us have taught 29 years or even more,” said Leila Kubesch, ESL and Spanish teacher in Cincinnati, Ohio. “What can we do not only to retain or attract educators but how can we get them inspired to stay in the field and then bring in more educators.”

Both Dr. Salvatore and teachers attending tomorrow’s events want to spread the word about the ups and downs that come with a job in education. There’s a trauma that follows such tragedies, but there is hope for the future.