TOPEKA (KSNT) – A new Helping Hands Humane Society class is looking to help you connect more with your dog, teaching them some fun tricks in the process.

Spots are filling up for the Tricks Fun and Games training class. Every Thursday for five weeks in a row, you’ll learn some new interactive tricks to show off your pup, and some games you can play with them.

According to an employee, the class can benefit your relationship with your animal in multiple ways.

“It’s a really great way to build that bond you have with your pet, learn how to communicate back and forth with them a little bit better, and it can really exhaust them,” Helping Hands Communications Coordinator Emi Griess said. “Physical exercise is great but mental exercise is good too to make them tired at the end of the day, and a tired dog is a good dog.”

Your dog needs to have completed a basic obedience class in order to participate. For more information about the classes, you can check them out here.