TOPEKA (KSNT) – Camp Courage brings women firefighters and potential recruits together to encourage and mentor women who are considering a job in firefighting.

Camp Courage is offered for women ages 14-20 who want to learn about the world of firefighting from a woman’s perspective. The camp is a way to encourage women to get involved in fire service and show what firefighting entails.

(Photo Courtesy/City of Topeka)

During the weeklong camp that started July 6 , campers participated in different real-world activities to teach them different experiences. This included deploying hoses, search and rescue, medical protocols and more. The instructors for the camp come from all over the state of Kansas to teach women about being a firefighter.

TFD Public Education Officer Alan Stahl told 27 News that this is the only camp like this in the region.

“It is a really unique opportunity for young women interested in emergency service,” Stahl said. “Young women can see where they can be.”

The class is planned, set up and taught by women and that is what makes it special, Stahl said. Campers wear full gear and spend 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. learning and training. The camp is physically-demanding and requires teamwork and effort from all of the participants.

The camp is free and takes place each year around early June. People interested in signing up for next year’s event can follow the TFD Facebook page. Registration begins in May.