THC, hemp bills moving through Kansas legislature

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Lawmakers are debating legislation that could change the CBD oil and hemp industries.

Earlier this week, House members passed a bill that would allow a small amount of THC in CBD oil for people that have a serious health condition.

Right now CBD oil stores aren’t allowed sell anything with THC, the chemical that can get you high, in their products.

“We just have taken that out of the product,” said Murray Dines, co-owner of CBD Healing Company in Topeka.

“Kansas has not allowed it so we haven’t had the opportunity to really study fully in Kansas what that would mean if we added it to the product,” he said.

Dines says he has customers that favor the change. One of them, S.J. Hazim started coming to the store to find relief for his daughter’s migraines.

“Nobody wants to put their kids on a life sentence to prescriptions so when this happened and we tried it, I mean you can’t help but become a believer in CBD oils,” said Hazim.

He welcomes any improvements that THC could bring.

“I wouldn’t rule anything out with things, I just think things need to be tested and see how things work,” Hazim said.

The legislature is also working on industrial hemp regulation that could impact how CBD oil stores get their products. 

“If you care about the industry, some oversight, appropriate oversight, and regulation is a good thing for consumers and we definitely support that,” said Dines.

Both the bills that were passed in the House this week go to the Senate before they could be implemented.

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