What health officials say you really need at the store during COVID-19

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TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – As the number of confirmed Coronavirus cases continues to grow, people in our area are running to their grocery stores to stock up on food, toilet paper, and Lysol wipes.

But health officials say storming the shelves and hoarding groceries is not the answer.

“Stocking up on toilet paper you know for 6 months supply it’s totally unnecessary, to be honest. Totally unnecessary,” Dr. Pezzino with the Shawnee County Health Department says.

Instead, the health department suggests having a reasonable amount of cleaning supplies like soap, tissues, and anti-fever medicine in case you do get sick.

If you have a prescription, they suggest having about a two-week supply.

Jan Allison, a shopper at Hyvee, said she’s just grabbing a few food items here and there for meals during the week but sees no reason to buy any more than that.

“I will stock up on some canned goods and some different things. Soup, stuff like that so I have something on hand to eat. I’ll be OK,” Allison said.

And while it will be a long road figuring out how to deal with the Coronavirus, Dr. Pezzino said we’ll all be okay, too.

“It’s not going to be a paralysis of society. It’s going to be a tough situation for everybody, Pezzino said. “We have to readjust our lifestyle a little bit for a certain period of time, but we will get through that and our society will not fall apart.”

The Hyvee on Wanamaker Rd. said they want their customers to know they will continue to restock their store shelves as frequently as they can and ask that customers be patient during this time.

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