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The fight for unaffiliated voters

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) - More than a half million registered voters are not affiliated with a political party in Kansas. Candidates looking to become the next governor are focusing on winning them over.

They make up the second largest voting bloc in Kansas. This leaves Democrats looking for votes at every turn; from new voters, to Independents, to even Republicans.

Going into the primary earlier this month, registered Republicans outnumbered their Democratic counterparts by over 350,000 people. Democrats also lag behind unaffiliated voters by more than 120,000.

"We don't kid ourselves, we know that in every single one of these races that we have to run an incredibly hard fought campaign," Kansas Democratic Party Executive Director, Ethan Corson says.

"We're talking to everybody, we think there's a broad swath of voters and we're hearing from a lot of registered Republicans who are interested in supporting Senator Kelly and supporting our candidates"

Independent Greg Orman says he is looking to garner votes from all angles. Kris Kobach is trying to reunite the Republican party saying how Kansans need to keep the state red.

Kansas hasn't turned blue for a presidential election for more than 50 years, but Kansans have shown they have been willing to elect a Democratic governor in the past.



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