The Grinch visited this small town this Christmas, taking away priceless goods

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MANHATTAN/LEONARDVILLE (KSNT)– The Riley County Police Department confirmed today that four different burglaries took place in the small town of Leonardville on Christmas Eve, all of them happening within a two-block radius of one another.

One of the families affected by these crimes was the Flores family. They had one of their cars stolen, as well as many different personal and sentimental items stolen from various of their other cars.

Tina Flores and her family went to sleep on Christmas Eve thinking all of her families belongings were safe, but when they woke up, the opposite was true.

They were devastated to see that a car had been stolen, as well as laptops, an Apple Watch, and speakers among other things. But the worst of it, was the sentimental items.

Someone had stolen Tina’s late mothers’ diamond necklace from her sons car. She also said that she believes that same person broke into their house earlier that week, and stole her late mothers’ wedding band as well.

“And that’s the stuff that you just can’t, you can’t get back,” Flores said. “Those are personal things. Other stuff can be replaced but not personal things like that. Those are things we won’t get back.”

The car that was stolen was unlocked and the keys were left in the center console, the other cars that had been stolen were also unlocked.

Flores explained that this is because Leonardville is a small town, and her kids have always felt safe growing up here and never felt that this type of thing would happen.

When speaking with Riley County Police, they said locking your doors is essential in making sure that this doesn’t happen.

“A lot of times when someone is looking to break into a vehicle they will just walk along a street or a parking lot and test the door handles on cars and if they’re unlocked, they’re going to go in there and look for something they can steal, Aaron Wintermote, the Public Information Officer for RCPD said. “So, the best preventative measure you can take is by locking your doors. “

Flores believes that because they were not the only people that were robbed in the area, it’s essential the community comes together and make sure that something like this never happens again.

“I’m at the point where the community has got to come together and do something. Because if we don’t it’s not going to stop.”

Flores said her father has been driving to every pawn shop in the area, trying to find his late wife’s jewelry, and CDs that were stolen from his car that they used to listen to together.

Police are advising the community to stay alert and look out for a 2013 Blue Ford Focus. They also want to encourage local pawn shops to watch out for any suspicious activity and stolen property.

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