The McRib is back for the season at McDonald’s

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TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT)- A well-known menu item is back for the season at McDonald’s.

The McRib is typically launched right after Thanksgiving. This year, it is on menus all across the country.

“We always get into the holiday season and it’s never the same,” said Kevin Dobski, the owner of a local McDonald’s store. “Each year it’s kind of different but, this is the first year in eight years since nationally the McRib is back everywhere.”

Customers at a Topeka McDonald’s shared their appreciation for the return of the McRib as well.

“It’s my favorite McDonald’s sandwich, so I just love that it’s finally here,” said Raelei Gillespie, a loyal McDonald’s customer.

Prices might vary based on store location, but in Topeka, the McRib meal is typically around five dollars.

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