TOPEKA (KSNT) — A former bodybuilder turned competitive eater showcased his skills in the capital city on Sunday.

Joel Hansen, also known as “modelvsfood” on social media, came to downtown Topeka and The Pennant for an eating challenge. The challenge you ask? To eat an “El Gigante,” a four pound burger and a half of pound of fries in 30 minutes.

Now, Hansen, is no stranger to eating competitions, totaling over 400 challenges and he’s garnered an undefeated record. But on Sunday, Hansen not only ordered one, but two El Gigante’s and ate both in 28 minutes. He cruised through the first at 10:48 and through the second burger and side of fries in 17:12 — and is the only person The Pennant’s history the challenge.

There are around 30 people in the “Hall of Shame,” and soon to be one face in the Hall of Fame.

The 26-year-old also requested several Diet Cokes. He says when you eat a whole lot of something, it’s nice to add a little flavor, and soda fills the void. Despite the record feat, Hansen says one burger was still a challenge as is.

“The challenge was good, it definitely was a challenge,” Hansen said. “Yes, I did eat two of them, but that’s not underestimating the difficulty of the one. I did two because I decided I would go above and beyond.” 

After a month of traveling and partaking in eating challenges, Hansen says he will go back to his home country of Canada.