The power of faith, pushes Faith Schreiner to a life with two hands

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“Hammer a nail, I want to hang a picture,” Faith Schreiner said in September in our first interview about life with one hand.

She was born without a right hand. When she found this bionic hand, she was told by insurance it was a luxury item.

So she took matters into her own hand, literally.

“There was just so much support, I don’t know what I would do without this community,” she said. “I wouldn’t have an arm that’s for sure.”

Faith started fundraising for the bionic hand, that is more than $40,000.

Her community rallied around her, to reach her goal, to have her be able to grab her own diploma at college graduation.

“To walk across the stage and shake their hands, was honestly, so emotional for me. I was beaming.”

The bionic arm has given her a new confidence that she never had before.

“Before I didn’t want people to look at it, look at my arm, and to be proud of my arm is just the best change,” she said beaming once again.

Four months ago when we asked Faith what she wanted the most out of this arm, she said:

“I’ll be able to just be Faith.”

And now, in 2019, with faith; pushing Faith to new heights, she’s able to do just that.

“Before I would just hide it, and now I just want to show everybody.”

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