The Wig Room at the American Cancer Society gets a makeover

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The Wig Room at the American Cancer Society just got a  new look. On Wednesday the ACS unveiled the result of a year long project to makeover the room where people with cancer can go to get a wig after treatment. 

Local business owners donated all of the items in the new room.  Ann O’Bryan owns Jess and Rosie’s Botique in Topeka. 

O’Bryan is one of the people who donated. She said it was her mother’s battle with cancer that motivated her to help. 

“People that are going through cancer, I want them to have an experience picking out a wig that felt a little more like your arms were being wrapped around them, and not so sterile. Like in a wig shop. So really the colors came from that. The casualness of the room all came from just wanting people to feel at home and comfortable when they were going through the experience,” O’Bryan said.  

The American Cancer Society provides free wigs to anyone undergoing cancer treatment. 

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