TOPEKA (KSNT) – In one month alone, destructive weather in Kansas caused more than $40 million in damage, according to the Kansas Insurance Department.

Estimates from the department indicate the total dollar amount is around $42.2 million for June 2021. KID said the count comes from a total of 5,470 insurance claims in 101 Kansas counties. Country Stampede attendees in Topeka also saw the impact of the tumultuous weather in June, as severe weather canceled opening night headliner Riley Green’s performance.

“Insured Kansans are reducing the financial impact of damaging weather by filing claims on their insurance policies,” Insurance Commissioner Vicki Schmidt said.

While insurance claims may help reduce the economic burden for individual Kansans impacted by the storms, the June 2021 estimate is noteworthy as a sharp statistical jump; it’s more than double the damage sum from June 2020 of $20.5 million. Still, neither comes close to KID’s overall year’s storm damage estimate in 2011: $1,095,030,000. Every year since in Kansas has yet to break $500,000,000, with 2021 only amounting to $141,369,410 so far.

KID said its estimated storm damage data is a compilation of insurance claims for windstorm, tornado and hail damage along with some other weather-related incidents for insured real estate and personal property in the state. KID also keeps track of the total damage estimates year-to-year, which anyone can see by clicking here.

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