TOPEKA (KSNT) — There is only one word to describe Benson Oetting: dedicated.

As a fan, he had a few setbacks last football season but through it all, he managed to remain the Chiefs’ No. 1 fan.

Last season, Benson was playing football on the trampoline with some of his buddies when suddenly he found himself in the emergency room with two sprained ankles. But the only thing Benson was concerned about was not being able to watch and support his favorite team.

“It was on a Sunday and I think the Chiefs were playing at 3, and we had to go to the emergency room, and I missed like three-quarters of the Chiefs game,” said Benson forlornly.

Although both of his ankles were injured, Benson still managed to play football with his friends while at school in his wheelchair.

“I had one of my friends wheel me around on the field while I was in the wheelchair and I would chuck the ball with some of my friends.”

When asked if he made any touchdowns, he told KSNT News that he might have made a few.

Benson said his favorite player would probably be Tyreek Hill, otherwise known as “The Cheetah”. His mother told KSNT that this past Christmas, he was gifted the same gloves as Hill.