This new Oskaloosa solar farm could power over 100 homes

Local News

OSKALOOSA (KSNT) – FreeState Electric Cooperative is taking a big step into the world of solar energy. The Eastern Kansas co-op has partnered with another company to open a solar energy farm just south of Oskaloosa.

The new farm has 3,500 solar energy panels that create enough energy to power 170 homes. CEO Steve Foss said the panels will help customers by producing more energy during the summer.

“They’re producing the most energy during the peak of the day during the summer,” Foss said. “When that is happening, all the energy that is coming off of the solar panels is helping reduce the amount of demand or the amount of energy that we are purchasing from our power supplier.”

Foss said the solar panels and the installation were paid for by another company. FreeState signed a contract for that energy for the next 25 years. FreeState has also partnered to start a second solar energy farm northeast of Tonganoxie.

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