Thousands in Lyon Co. left without power, damage from 80 mph winds

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After straight-line winds of over 80 miles per hour swept through Lyon County, thousands of people were left without power on Saturday. 

Crews worked to fix broken power lines down and remove fallen trees around the county.

Residents of Americus, like volunteer Fire Chief Steven Burton, were looking out for the little ones and spent the day cleaning up Jones Park.

“There’s kids usually running around here all day long but not today because they don’t have anywhere to play at,” said Burton. 

Mary Littlefield has lived in Americus since 1997. But she’s never had anything like what happened on Saturday happen to her.

Two cars were parked under her carport when it flipped backward and landed on their shed. 

“It lifted it straight up and straight back, twisted it and that was it,” said Littlefield. 

The most interesting part might even be that the cars were somehow left unscathed and her meticulously sorted pile of firewood wasn’t even touched.

Officials need the public’s cooperation while things get fixed. The area experienced flooding and declared a state of disaster earlier in the week, estimating over half a million dollars in damages. 

“The soil is already saturated. We still have several roads in the county that are closed because they are still being repaired. We still would like people to obey the barricades that are up, and if it does flood more will be put up,” said Sergeant Doug Stump. 

The Emporia Police Department and Lyon County Sheriff’s Office are asking people to avoid going around barricades and cones while power lines and other damage get fixed. The fine for passing one in Lyon County is $183. 

No one was injured in Saturday’s storm. 

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