TOPEKA (KSNT)- Voting is a job for all generations, but for one family so is working at the polls.

The Johnston family is serving another year as election workers. This family has been working at the polls on election day for the past eight years. Three generations: the grandparents, parents and grandkids play a roll in making election day run smoothly.

”I think it was my mom who first started; she got my grandma into it, then my sister, and then I got dragged into it,” said Jadyn Schwarzrock, third generation poll worker.

Jadyn, his sister, mom and grandma are manning the check-in table while his grandpa helps people turn in their ballot, and the most important job, give voters their “I voted” sticker.

Jadyn’s grandma, Sandra Johnston, says that this is a great way for her family to get together. Sandra enjoys getting to do things together as a family, and this is just another way to do it.

She says that she’s proud of the work that her family is doing to help on this important day, and hopes others will do the same.

”I’m so happy to know that my family cares enough to get out do this,” said Johnston. “This is what I think, more people would put more into it, this would be a much better system.”

Election day is important to everyone in their own way, but in Jadyn’s eyes- it’s a way for him to spend some quality time with his family.

”I never really get to spend time with my family, due to work and all that,” Schawrzrock said. “So, one day off and I get to spend with them is kind of, honestly just fun. Better than going on vacation. ”

Schawrzrock hopes to get more members of his family out to help. He says there could be up to five generations working, but it might get a little hectic.