TOPEKA (KSNT)- Three words can be all it takes to help your family in an emergency situation.

The Riley County Police Department is using an app called what3words to help keep the community safe. What3words allows users to relay location information to the dispatch office in a time of need.

The app assigns three unique words to a grid globally. The grid is made up of 3×3 square meter blocks that each have its own unique set of words.

RCPD urges users to download the app to help drastically reduce wait times and make getting help more efficient in the process. RCPD is also using text to 911, so you can also text the set of three words to dispatch to receive help if speaking is not an option.

“It gives us quicker time to figure out where someone is and get them the help that they need,” said RCPD dispatch supervisor Nikki Baker. “The one instance I used it, a gentleman and his dad were hiking down by the river trail, the dad got hurt, I was able to pinpoint their location and get the ambulance exactly where I needed instead of waiting for him to get me a landmark.”