TikTok challenge forces Topeka schools to lock bathrooms

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TOPEKA (KSNT) – Topeka schools are locking up bathrooms after vandalism allegedly linked to the ”Devious Licks” challenge on TikTok.

The challenge consists mainly of someone causing damage, usually to a public restroom, and posting a video of the vandalism to TikTok with the hashtag #DeviousLicks.

Local students alleged that significant damage to boys’ restrooms has occurred within local Topeka schools, with one saying someone attempted to remove a toilet from a stall.

“You would think they would know that just because it’s on TikTok that doesn’t make it a good thing,” said one concerned parent of a local Topeka student. “It’s just silly, it’s vandalism and it’s causing issues in addition to the vandalism.”

The vandalism has forced schools all across America to lock bathrooms. TikTok has banned the trend from the app, but the damages caused are still being dealt with.

USD 501 issued the following statement when asked about how the TikTok challenge has impacted the decision to lock bathrooms.

“There have not been any significant issues, after some minor isolated incidents of poor choices from students, the administration made the proactive decision to have bathrooms open during all passing periods (times students are moving from one class to another), lunch, and before and after school periods where there is increased supervision, encouraging students to continue making positive choices.  Bathroom access for emergencies is available throughout the day. When students violate the student code of conduct, they are held accountable, and the school is structured to ensure access and supervision.”

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