TONGANOXIE, Kan. (KSNT) – Plenty of people in our area set up Christmas lights, but one man in Tonganoxie is taking it to the next level and he’s getting some serious recognition for it.

It all began when Derek Sparks’ wife Sondra posted a video on Facebook. She has family that works for K-State and when the athletic department saw it, they had to post — thousands of shares later, the video is viral.

“It was stunning to say the least,” Sparks said. “I’d never imagined anything like that would happen, and it’s cool, it’s cool to get recognized. I can’t deny that at all.”

But that video only tells part of the story.

“Honestly, it started with the chiefs, then added the K-State and the KU to the song.”

Derek is a lifelong K-State fan, but his son has taken a liking to Jayhawk basketball, and in the holiday spirit, he gifted him some lights.

“KU is kind of a last thought,” Sparks joked.

The whole show is 90 minutes and it’s not all sports, it’s continuously improving.

“I kinda started doing it three years ago and kinda tried to evolve it each year into what it is now,” Sparks said.

There are a few obvious additions this time, and preparation for the holidays is a meticulous as Andy Reid’s playbook.

It’s a passion project for the Sparks and Derek’s happy to spread some cheer, especially with everyone’s favorite team, and he’s as modest as Bill Snyder when it comes to discussing it.

“I loved the whole song,” Sparks said. “I really put my heart into that one, and I thought it turned out pretty good.”

To see the show in Tonganoxie, you head south from Ajuua Mexican Restaurant off of highway 24-40. Lights are on from 5-9 p.m. Monday through Thursday and stay on until 10 or later Friday through Sunday.