TOPEKA (KSNT) – Community stakeholders from both Topeka and Lawrence are teaming up to do a “City Swap” later this week.

Groups from both cities are looking for ways to improve the region as a whole, leading them to team up to find solutions. Bob Ross, the senior vice president of marketing and communications at the Greater Topeka Partnership, said the idea is for both communities to learn about each other this week.

Ross told 27 News Topeka and Lawrence have a greater potential for economic and regional growth when working together.

“This region, when we really start aligning on shared goals and vision, allows us to really kind of educate people that when you move to Topeka, you’re really part of a community of cities that all kind of live and breathe with each other,” Ross said. “And I think if we get on the same page we can really start to bring some really exciting and dynamic things to our community.” 

According to Ross, some areas of emphasis include attracting and retaining young talent, appealing to local businesses and finding any strategic opportunities that benefit both communities.

GTP expects between 50 and 60 guests from Lawrence to tour Topeka on Thursday, Oct. 12. The tour includes learning about the city’s business scene, the education community, gaining insight into tourism locations like Gage Park, etc. The teams will then swap, and a group of Topeka stakeholders will head to Lawrence for a similar day on Friday, Oct. 13.