TOPEKA (KSNT) – A local business wants to remember the life of Zoey Felix with a drive through Topeka and her memorial site.

Victoria’s Bar in southeast Topeka plans to host a dinner and group ride on Sunday, Oct. 22 through the Capital City to raise money to help children in need of love and support. Organizer Katie Wilson told 27 News they want to help the community process the impact of Zoey’s death.

“It’s been a tragedy and an unexpected tremendous loss for the family involved,” Wilson said. “Not only the family, but I feel like the community is feeling it as well right now.”

The day will start at 11 a.m. at Victoria’s Bar at 5011 SW Topeka Blvd. with registration. The ride begins at noon. Motorcycles and cars are welcome. Motorists will drive by Dugout and Perry Pub before finishing at the memorial site. Miller said people can bring Zoey’s favorite things to honor and remember her.

“Zoey really loved mermaids. She really loved unicorns,” Wilson said. “One of the things that, you know, would be a wonderful thing is for those items to be brought along with the ride.”

Drivers will meet back at Victoria’s for a benefit dinner. All proceeds will go to Lighthouse Child Advocacy Center and Shaner Early Learning Academy, Zoey’s former school, to provide classroom supplies for students in need and hopefully a memorial bench in Zoey’s name, according to Miller.

Organizer Chelsea Miller said she wants people to remember Zoey and others who faced the same things.

“She was always filled with joy, been in the circumstances that she was in,” Wilson said.

Registration is $20 for vehicles and $5 for each passenger. The benefit dinner will cost $10 per plate.