TOPEKA (KSNT) – The Guardian Recreational Cannabis Dispensary posted a letter on its website on Tuesday addressed to Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt regarding the April 20 police raid on its business.

The letter is seven pages long and has been posted to the Guardian MMJ’s website along with prior statements regarding the police raid. It cites a legal opinion that Schmidt gave in 2021 to Kansas Bureau of Investigation Director Kirk Thompson.

“Mr. Attorney General Sir, since your opinion was offered, there have been charges brought upon innocent and honest business owners because of the “opinion” you offered which is not in support of law,” the letter says.

The letter goes on to ask Schmidt to hold a press conference immediately to address his previous legal opinion and reverse it.

“We have drafted you this letter to let you know of the mistake your office has made with regards to mis quoting the Federal law, and adding confusion to the mix by adding in dozens of Kansas Statutes that you claim surround the legality of Hemp in Kansas BUT, in fact there is NO law in Kansas that actually controls the HEMP business, other than what I have drafted herein, in the manner in which your office has reported on December 2nd, 2021.”

The letter then states Guardian MMJ was the victim of an illegal search and seizure which it attests has happened to other businesses across Kansas.

“Your statement, along with the irresponsible actions of the TPD, and the SCNOSO drug task force, who decided to raid, disrupt, fabricate lies to gain a warrant, steal from us and destroy our business has caused us a MAJOR, HARMFUL FINANCAL STRAIN, has this has really caused shock waves across Kansas and has Caused Concern among many Hemp Advocates across Kansas and the entire Nation.

This is not how we treat our fellow Kansas residents, or business owners, especially ones that are single parents with many children. We have enough tyranny and problems in the world today without law enforcement now fabricating lies to Judges to obtain search warrants based off trying to twist words,” the letter states.

To read the full letter, see the document below:

Guardian Letter to AG by Matthew Self on Scribd