TOPEKA (KSNT) – Christina Valdivia-Alcalá, the current holder of the Topeka City Council District 2 seat, joined the 27 News show to catch up on how her re-election campaign is going.

Valdivia-Alcalá assumed office back in 2020. She said that as of right now, she is working to do everything she can to keep it that way.

“Myself, and a number of volunteers for several months now, have been doing door-to-door in Oakland, parts of East Topeka and North Topeka,” she said.

As far as what she is hearing from those people when going door-to-door, Valdivia-Alcalá said its a lot of the same issues being brought up; the unsheltered population, as well as the rising homicide rate.

“Concerns about increasing poverty, concerns about transparency, and listening to the voice of the people,” she said.

When asked what her first order of action would be, Valdivia-Alcalá’s answer was simple.

“I would keep doing what I’m doing,” she said. “I’m in the seat, I’m firmly planted here. I’m aggressive in the position and I’m protective of the district that I serve. As well as I’m very concerned about Topeka, overall.”

In regards to her opponent for the seat, Valdivia-Alcalá emphasized that she is “in the heart of the community”, while she claimed her opponent, Craig McCullah, is not.

“My family has been in the community of Oakland for over 120 years,” she said. “I don’t know where he lives but it’s not deep in the community.

Valdivia-Alcalá emphasized the importance this position holds for her, and encouraged people within her district to get out and vote.

“First and foremost, this isn’t a game to me,” she said. “I’m working hard and I anticipate that that will come out, in a good way, when voters come out on November 7. And I would remind everyone to vote.”

To see the full Shawnee County Election Schedule leading up to the general election on Nov. 7, click here. To hear more from Valdivia-Alcalá, you can watch the full interview linked above.