TOPEKA (KSNT)- Craig Dunstan, one of the two candidates for the Topeka City Council District 6 seat, joined the 27 News Morning show to speak on the campaign trail leading up to the general election at the beginning of November.

As far as what Dunstan has been doing, his answer was simple.

“Well, I’ve been out busy knocking on doors,” Dunstan said. “Talking to a lot of the people in District 6 and right now their biggest concern is water main breaks.”

He said a lot of the infrastructure used in District 6 is outdated, causing breaks to happen more frequently. He also mentioned both crime and safety are two things that are also on the top of peoples’ minds.

“I think we need to make more money available to the police department and I think there needs to be more overnight patrols, particularly in the areas where there is more crime,”
Dunstan said.

When addressing voters directly, he wanted people to know that he believes overall, Topeka is in “good shape”.

“We do have some concerns like homelessness, crime and the water mains like I mentioned earlier,” he said. “But those are not insurmountable issues. They’re issues that other cities are having just like we are.”

He finished off the interview by encouraging voters to show up to the polls and cast their votes accordingly.

Dunstan has made an appearance on the 27 News morning show prior to this interview. If you’d like to view that interview by clicking here.

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