TOPEKA (KSNT)- The general election is at the beginning of November here in Shawnee County.

27 News has been extending the opportunity to Topeka City Council candidates to come on the morning show to speak directly to voters.

Marcus Miller, the Topeka City Council Candidate for District 6, made his second appearance on the show today.

Miller said that the campaign trail has been going smoothly since the last time 27 News sat down to speak with him.

“People are excited out there,” Miller said. “They want a new voice and they want new change and I look forward to giving them that.”

As of right now, Miller said he is hearing two main points of contention amongst the community in District 6; the 12th Street Project and safety.

“I don’t understand how we can really focus on a lot of other areas but not focus on the fact that our citizens don’t feel safe in their homes, going to work and going to school,” Miller said.

Building off of that, Miller said that if he was elected, his first course of action would be to address the growing homeless issue in Topeka.

“It is an issue everywhere,” Miller said. “It’s really something that is starting to take up a huge space in peoples’ minds…We want to make sure that we focus on that and make sure we get some big solutions to those.”

Miller also took the last part of the interview to address viewers directly. To hear what he had to say, you can watch the full interview posted above.

As a reminder, the general election is on Nov. 7.