TOPEKA (KSNT) – The Topeka City Council discussed several pieces of the 2023 budget on Tuesday night.

The Topeka Police Department was the first organization up for discussion. In total, the TPD’s budget is expected to be $45.2 million with 83% going towards personnel costs. Expense increases are expected. The cost to operate body cameras is now part of the TPD’s operating budget. They’re also expecting an estimated $216,000 increase in fuel costs.

Next up, the Topeka Fire Department presented its budget for 2023. In total, the TFD’s budget is expected to be $32.5 million with 89% going to personnel costs. Expense increases have been incurred from internal service fees, new protective gear and outside training.

Utility costs for the City of Topeka was also discussed. The total budget for utilities is estimated to be $96.1 million with $46.9 million going to water, $10.8 million to storm water and $38.4 million to wastewater. Cost increases will come from supply chain and inflation. The overall contractual budget is rising by 4% and the overall commodities is budget going up by 9%.

To view the entire 2023 budget for the City of Topeka, click here.