TOPEKA (KSNT) – Topeka saw a 25% decrease in overall crime in 2021, a 27% decrease in property crime, and a 13.5% decrease in violent crime, according to the Topeka Police Department. Those numbers come from the Topeka Police Department’s 2021 year-end report.

“The 2021 capital city crime statistics are outstanding. I am very proud of the work that was put in by our community, in support of the brave officers of the Topeka Police Department,” said Bryan Wheeles, police chief. “Challenging times necessitate more communication, collaboration, and innovation. This community has embraced those guiding principles. Topeka is moving in the right direction — together.”

The Topeka Police Reported cited data published in that ranked Shawnee County’s crime rate below the national average. The Greater Topeka Partnership’s CEO, Matt Pivarnik, said it’s a sign of change.

“It’s extremely encouraging to see Topeka’s crime has been on the decline, especially when you consider recent national trends,” Pivarnik said. “I tend to think the strides we have made to improve community morale, coupled with increased prosperity in our city over the past decade, are among the factors driving these latest crime stats. While there is always more to do, this is an exceptional start.”

In 2021 Topeka saw a three-year low in shootings, with 72 incidents and 78 victims. Violent crime fell from 1,089 incidents to 942. Property crime dropped from 6,408 incidents to 4,680 incidents.

Topeka police had 86,646 calls for service in 2021, made 4,488 arrests, had 10 administrative investigations and 34 citizen complaints. The department took 530 guns off the streets in 2021, according to the report.