TOPEKA (KSNT) – A Topeka weight loss clinic claims it’s helped more than 1,000 people lose 12,000 pounds since opening in June 2022.

Six people work at Merit Weight Loss, 1111 SW Gage, which opened last year. The business said it focuses on providing opportunities for weight loss they’re not finding at the doctor’s office.

“They may have asked for help over and over again and don’t get it so when they walk in this door and all these opportunities open up to them it can be a very exciting time for them,” said Veronica McPike, co-owner.

Miranda Collins said she lost 50 pounds in eight months with help from the company.

“I had allowed myself to balloon up,” said Collins, the mother and educator working for Cair Paravel Latin School in Topeka. She said her councilors gave her “real food” to eat, helped her work around a busy schedule, brought her cholesterol levels down and helped her go from a size 16 to a size six.

The owners said their success has been based on word of mouth.

“People come just because they’re frustrated and try everything and being able to provide that support and find answers as to why its not working and keeping them motivated,” said Stephanie Sisk, co-owner. “So many people just get stalled throughout the process and the motivation goes away. We’re here to provide answers and, just that encouragement, it changes their lives.”

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