TOPEKA (KSNT) – It’s been almost one week since Bird Scooter made changes for the rules in Topeka.

After complaints of people riding where they weren’t supposed to around Topeka, the city council wanted rules to be added for the scooters, but people were also using the scooter to draw inappropriate graffiti downtown with the tires.

“I was just really dismayed, I mean that’s just, no matter when that happens that’s just disheartening, you don’t want to see that happen any time,” said Topeka Councilwoman Karen Hiller.

Bird Scooter made some changes, like slowing the scooter’s speed to 10 MPH downtown and blocking the scooters from going to certain areas like Gage Park. The geo-fencing technology allows them to block off an area and the scooter will shut off if it enters that area. Hiller said she has seen some improvements.

“I did also observe and this was just from the car so I might’ve missed something but it appears all of the graffiti is gone and there is no new graffiti,” said Hiller.

She said the city council will talk with Bird over the next few weeks to see how things are going.