TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) — West Nile Virus has made its way to Topeka. The Shawnee County Health Department has confirmed two people have contracted the virus in the Capital City.

“I’ve had them for 61 years,” George Walker Jr. said. “I want to keep them a little longer.”

It’s been a tough few weeks for George Walker Jr., who’s been taking care of his parents who are dying. His dad, George Walker Sr. has had a fever, headaches and muscle stiffness so severe that prevents him from moving. All of these symptoms he’s been battling are because he was bitten by a mosquito carrying the West Nile Virus.

“The mosquitoes look like just a regular black hair on your arm and then when you just,” Jr said. “I mean you can barely touch them and they just pop and its blood traces from you wiping over the top of their body.”

Jr. says he saw these same mosquitoes on his parents’ faces. A short time later he noticed they started showing symptoms of the Virus. Even though his mom’s symptoms aren’t as severe as his dads. Junior says his moms just confused a lot, and always tired.

“I just know there is a God,” Mother of George Walker Jr, Mildred Walker said. “And if he wants me to go, I’ll go now.”

Seeing her husband in this condition has made Mildred appreciate the little things in life. And even though Jr. is seeing his parents struggling with West Nile Virus, his biggest concern is if the Shawnee County Health Department will spray for insects to protect other Topekans.

“We don’t have any plans to spray for mosquitoes in the Topeka or Shawnee County area,” Interim Public Information Officer, Craig Barnes said. That could be a discussion for the future, but at this point in time we don’t.”

Barnes says the Virus is transmitted from mosquitoes who get the virus from infected birds. Elderly people would have a harder time with the virus because their immune systems are weaker than younger people.Walker Sr. passed away on Monday October 17, 2016.