Topeka Dominos looking to hire people who lost jobs because of coronavirus

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TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Now that people are staying home and restaurants are closed, there’s a higher demand for food delivery and takeout.

The manager at the Dominos on California said since most restaurants are closed, their pizza orders have skyrocketed. Adam Fox said they are making about 50% more pizzas a night, but now they need people to deliver the pizzas.

They are looking for drivers at every dominos restaurant in Topeka. Fox said they’ve even hired a handful of people recently who’ve lost their jobs because of the coronavirus outbreak.

“Obviously there are waitresses and teachers that are out right now that need to find jobs, and we’ve hired a couple of those already, but we would love to keep people on to continue to grow our businesses,” said Fox.

Fox said you do have to have your own car and insurance, but you do get compensated for gas, and it’s not just local Dominos’ looking for workers. Nationwide, the company is expected to hire about 10,000 new people just to keep up with the demand.

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