Topeka family loses precious book in garage sale, filled with messages from family

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What one person thought was junk ended up being someone’s most valuable possession.

It sold for less than a dollar. But for Adrienne Miller, it’s priceless. That’s because it was filled with messages from family members. 

I had just lost my cousin this past year and my grandma isn’t doing well she can no longer write so it just had a lot of special people in it who mean a lot to me, said Adrienne Miller. 

One message comes from a close friend currently battling cancer. 

It was given to her after her graduation from Kansas State University. 

I realized later on when my wife had found some boxes that neither one of us had seen yet she asked if anyone had gone through them and I said I’m not sure it’s been so busy, her husband Ryan Miller said. 

Now they’re hoping the person who bought it will bring it home. 

It’s a book from the ‘Olivia’ the Pig children’s series. 

But unlike other ‘Olivia’ books, this one isn’t a story at all. It’s a message book, filled with blank pages for people to sign. 

Therefore, whoever bought it won’t have a story to read. Just messages from Miller’s relatives. 

If you think you might have bought the book, you can email to get it back to Miller. 

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