Topeka family needs public’s help to locate man who attacked person with Cerebral Palsy

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TOPEKA (KSNT) – A Topeka mother is asking for the community’s help to find a man that assaulted her son and turned their world upside down.

Joe Cheray tells KSNT News the man that beat up her 21-year-old son Anthony Tankersley is walking free with an outstanding warrant for his arrest. But the public’s help is needed to track him down and get justice.

Tankersley has Cerebral Palsy, and is typically an outgoing and social person.

Tankersley was making a shopping trip to Walmart when he got on line to take the bus home. That’s when he says he asked Shawn White about the bus route and was punched in the face in response.

He lied on the floor, crying, unsure of what would happen next. Fearing for his life, not knowing the man had other similar offenses in the past.

“It’s a messed up world that we are living in,” Tankersley said.

After looking into his criminal history, Cheray found that he was recently arrested in Leavenworth for assault. It is an ongoing pattern, that she said needs to stop for the community’s safety.

In addition to harming Tankersley physically, his social life has declined because of the incident.

“I cannot even go out of the house in public anymore, because I am afraid of what people are going to do next,” Tankersley said.

There is a warrant out for White’s arrest, for missing his court appearance. White has bonded out of jail twice in the last three months for two separate assaults.

“This guy needs to be held accountable,” Cheray said. “He needs to realize that he made an already difficult situation for a family with a special needs loved one even more difficult.”

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