Topeka family receives anonymous letter telling them to go back to Mexico

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TOPEKA (KSNT) – It was an ordinary Thursday for Teresita Linares until she checked her mailbox and found something rather shocking.

Linares opened the white envelope with no return address and began to read a hate filled letter.

“If you have become an American, you should fly our flag proudly and pack the Mexico flag in a box and never open it,” Linares read.

The letter demanded the Linares family to stop flying the Mexican flag alongside the American flag that both wave outside their house.

“It’s our flag and it’s our roots and it’s our property,” Teresita said.

Linares and her family moved to Topeka from Kansas City a year ago in the middle of the COVID pandemic, and the anonymous letter wasn’t at all the warm welcome they were hoping for.

“It’s just so much hate that’s still going around here and just old mentalities and there are people stuck in their old ways and really don’t want to open up,” Linares said.

The letter goes on to tell the family to return back to Mexico; cruel words for Linares, whose family migrated to the United States years ago, and three of her children were born here.

She said the letter has her worried for the safety of her children, and sad that in 2021 her children still have to deal with discrimination like this.

But despite the hateful message, sent just days before we celebrate independence day across America -home to a melting pot of nationalities – Teresita hopes that other multicultural families will embrace all that makes them unique.

“They can fly their flags and still be proud to be an American and a Mexican, or wherever they’re from,” Linares said.

Not only is Teresita keeping both flags up, but she’s also planning to buy more Mexican flags to wave proudly in front of their home.

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