Topeka fire carbon monoxide poisoning warning

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It’s a silent, odorless, tasteless gas that can cause big problems if you aren’t prepared. And today, the Topeka Fire Department warns this time of year, the public should be extra cautious of carbon monoxide leaks.

Chris Reece the Public Information Officer for the Topeka Fire Department says, “This time of year we see a lot more carbon monoxide calls, because we are heating up our homes and using different materials that they probably shouldn’t be using, like a combustion engine or a generator.

Since the signs of a carbon monoxide leaks are hard to detect, Reece says make sure you watch out for these health symptoms,”carbon monoxide poisoning the symptoms are a lot like flu like symptoms. You’re going to have the nausea and dizziness.  You’re going to feel fatigued. A lot of people don’t realize they are going through a carbon monoxide poisoning, (and) they just play it off as maybe the flu or a cold.” 

Ultimately, if not caught early the consequences can be deadly.

“It’s going to prevent you from taking in oxygen and it will eventually kill you,” explains Reece.

The best way to be alert and stay safe is to have working carbon monoxide detectors. 

“They are different from smoke detectors. So make sure you have one of each in your home, preferably on each level of your home. You are going to want to treat a carbon monoxide detector similar to a smoke detector, (by) changing batteries every 6 months and testing them at least once a month. Shelf life on those is about 7-10 years.  Always go by what the manufacturer says of course,” says Reece. 

Here’s a Carbon Monoxide Safety Checklist for more information:

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